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Overall, I would not use anecdotes to infer that the world at large is better or worse off today than it was at some previous point, because that is highly likely to be the least objective measuring tool.
But if this thread is just about our anecdotal opinions about whether we think something or the other, then by all means, the world is better, because I saw someone give a homeless guy money a few times therefore peace, tranquility and utopia.

In all seriousness, I think that it has gotten both better and worse, in many different regards. And no matter what I think is more important, there will invariably be something left out that I did not consider. Ultimately, I think it is up to humanity as a whole to decide what is for the better and what is for the worse. But unfortunately, people never to agree on such a thing collectively, and in that sense, I think it has always been that way and is the biggest obstacle we face, regardless of incidentals.
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