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Originally Posted by Nurse Duckett View Post
The main difference between now and thirty years ago is the way humans act and interact. Young people are taught to not have an opinion, or to not have an opinion that might upset the apple cart, the dumbing down is well underway and the unsuspecting masses of young people have fallen for this line of fake liberal bullshiit.

Political correctness seems to have taken over, if you arnt ultra pc at all times the dumbed down see it as you're not very bright, the dumbed down are the only people who don't see the irony in all this. Some call it political correctness and others call it mind control of the masses.

Over the last 30 years the standard of living has gone down, the standard of education has been reduced to nursery level a degree isn't worth anything nowadays and the general public have little or no say in anything anymore, and the public seem to have accepted all this and convinced themselves that things are better now than ever before, further proof that the dumbing down is well under way. The only thing that is better now than thirty years go is cars.

Modern music is shiit, modern football is shiit, the modern media is shiit and full of its own self importance, modern living standards are shiit and maybe they're all shiit because you're a deluded dumbed down piece of **** that has believed the hype and helped to make everything shiit. If the cap fits wear it.
This strikes me as 'conspiracy theorist bullcrap'. Perhaps it's not that the youth have been brainwashed into believing 'liberal bullshtiit' - maybe conservative viewpoints are just extremely outdated and useless in the modern world?
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