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In my short lifetime, I feel as though the world has gotten worse, which is kinda a dim way to see things and deep down I kinda know it's not 100% true but having said that - all we ever hear about are the negative impacts of our existence, costs of living rising and unemployment rising and health issues rising and blah blah blah. Society tends to have a "back in my day" attitude towards everything which constantly makes out the past to be so much better than the present and constantly aiming to remind me that things are only going downhill from here, which is really depressing.

What's even more depressing is the fact that I am grateful for things like the freedom, education and healthcare I was lucky enough to have in my lifetime, but it makes me wonder - will my descendants have the same? With health and education taking a back burner on the agenda, it's kinda scary...

I'm just a ball of positivity tonight.

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