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  • Technology has definitely improved.
  • Information has increased.

  • Abortion
  • AIDS
  • The increase of Cervical and Breast cancer
  • The rise of anti-Semitism
  • The rise of the police state, phone tapping, check points, stop light cameras
  • Globalization/Flatworld Economics
  • Disinformation
  • The rise of Wahhabism
    • Persecution of minority Muslims.
    • Persecution of Mid Eastern Christians.
    • Persecution of African Christians.

These are either possible or unforeseeable threats:
  • Avian Influenza pandemic
  • The increase exposure of chemicals
  • Genetically modified foods
  • The availability of the former Soviet Union WMDs - nuclear war heads, and anthrax
  • Super Solar Flair/Coronal Mass Ejection crippling communication and everything dependent on it
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