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Originally Posted by Black Francis View Post

Do you think art should be free or that it should become a product for profit?

Im asking for your personal opinion cause ive always thought art should be free and accessible to anyone but i also think artists should be able to live of their art.

i has a dilemma.
I actually agree with you buddy. It just seem the music market is one in such transition that this failure is occurring - from the literature I've been reading it seems the need is for 'players' in the music industry - be it artists or labels - to find new ways to harness untapped revenue steams, although some papers basically conclude that its necessary to FIX THOSE COPYRGHT CRIMINALS' ATTITUDES, THEY DUK UR JUBBZ!!

Harnessing untapped revenue streams doesn't sound too practical to be honest. I've heard a lot about the lack of compensation artists are receiving from services such as Spotify, but also that artists need the exposure of such streaming platforms to gain traction. This is why I was wondering in a previous post whether they should charge more on tour or something similar?

Originally Posted by rostasi View Post

The idea is to do your work as something
that represents YOU and if others agree or are taken by it,
then maybe you can begin living off of it...but the opposite
idea of doing it because you want to prostitute yourself to
a (certain? any?) public, I kind of find to be abhorrent.
I did an interview with a friend and producer recently and one of the themes that came up was a distinction between the image of the artist and their music. Labels love transforming an artist in a mass-marketing tool for the music they make but many artists fear (probably rightfully) that this would destroy their artistic integrity. I think the problem lies in that if you do make music -and (a large amount of) people like it, you may either seek label representation and lose artistic integrity or be your own manager and find yourself overwhelmed by marketing yourself and your music... seems a short-cut to a split personality if you ask me! Maybe because we live in such a sensationalised western culture if you were managing yourself you'd be forced to pretend you're something you're not, and do what you hate labels doing so much..

Originally Posted by Earth Rocker View Post
The only way you have any say in your art is if you've already made your own record and proven you can sell lots of records by yourselves.
That's kinda... what I was sayin'..... kinda!

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