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Quick answer because I should really be getting ready for work:-

Originally Posted by WhateverDude View Post
They wouldn't have criminal records if they didn't engage in criminal behavior. What he did is already illegal as it should be. Making the jump from (yes,) a one-time act of animal cruelty to criminalizing something as small fry, comparatively harmless, and unrelated as overdue fees is a folly device for discrediting an argument.
^ That´s a fair comment, WhateverDude. I was indulging in "reductio ad absurdum", taking an arguement to a ridiculous extreme, which, I accept, can be pretty annoying!
Originally Posted by Pet_Sounds View Post
No, but if you send him to prison, then you also have to send every single other guy who's kicked an animal, and the end result is a bunch of judges and policemen dealing with cases in which no human being was adversely affected, when they could be dealing with far more important matters.
Having said that, I don't condone violence to animals and feel sorry (and sore) for the cat. It's just that this has been blown way out of proportion.
^ I agree with Pet Sounds, and here´s a relevant statistic from Wikipedia to back him up :-

In California in 2008, it cost the state an average of $47,102 a year to incarcerate an inmate in a state prison. From 2001 to 2009, the average annual cost increased by about $19,500.
If you don´t want to do the math, that´s like $66,600 per inmate per year back in 2009. Add on inflation to bring it up to date and that´s an even bigger number. I say let the cat-kicker go and use that money to plug some gap in the welfare system.

Originally Posted by The Batlord View Post
Simple. You lock up the vigilante, cause in real life someone like that is probably an unstable sociopath or other kind of mental defective, and then you turn around and knock over the cat kicker's wheelchair.
^ Good answer, and a welcome breath of humour!

It´s a real pleasure to see you post again, Vegangelica. As so often, you bring a more enlightened attitude to the discussion and I´m much happier with your suggestions about compassion and education than Batlord´s approach of breaking legs!
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