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Pro-lifers, you gotta love 'em huh? I mean, okay, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but now Amnesty International has come out to chide Ireland for its ridiculously arcane abortion laws, and what does the Pro-Life movement say about this? "Amnesty has lost its way". I bet if they said no, Ireland should not have any abortion in any circumstances they wouldn't think that. They're so full of their own agenda it makes me sick.

Hope that doesn't offend any pro-lifers, but in the 21st century, to say that TWELVE women PER DAY board boats and planes to England EVERY DAY to get abortions, what does it say about how out of step we are here? And now we have a case of one girl dying because she had to use a dodgy hospital in England, not being able to turn to anyone at home. God! No wonder yiz all laugh at us!
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