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I'm going to provide a "mainstream" answer and pick:

- Iron Maiden - Bonus points because they continue to produce good material after all these years, and Bruce has an amazing voice.

- Metallica - The first five Metallica albums (the "Black Album" is debatable, I know) are some of the best metal albums I've ever listened to. I still prefer "Ride The Lightning" to "Master Of Puppets", but all are enjoyable. "Kill 'Em All" is a very underrated album - It's a little messy in some parts, Metallica was still young and inexperienced, but "The Four Horsemen" remains my favourite Metallica song.

- Alice In Chains - I dislike the label "Grunge" so I usually associate each band with a specific genre. IMO, Alice In Chains are alternative rock mostly but very close to metal and some songs are undeniably metal.

I'm still not a fan of Sabbath. Many songs are catchy, some albums are good, but I just don't like Ozzy Osbourne as a singer.
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