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Finally back from Bonnaroo, and let me tell you, shit got weird.

First Night: saw Unlocking The Truth, heavy metal band consisting of 3 young black boys aged 14-17 from Brooklyn that are absolute prodigies. Talked to the drummer for about 20 minutes. These kids are signed to Sony Records for Christ sakes! Never seen so many crowd-surfers at once too. Then stayed at the same tent, saw Strand Of Oaks which I'd never heard their music before but goddamn did they put on one hell of a show. Might be my favorite show of the weekend. The intensity, the crowd, it was truly something unique. Listening to their last record as I write this. Then stayed for Iceage which honestly I was disappointed by, they only did songs from their last record. I yelled out New Brigade and the singer and guitarist gave eachother a nervous look Saw the Growlers, frontman of the week. Now this is where it started to get difficult to go on. I'm watching Courtney Barnett waiting for Mac Demarco, and I've been up 40 hours at this point, no sleep. I start nodding off knowing quite well I need to go back to camp, so I crowd surfed the fuck out of their during her set. Went to the tent, drank 3 beers and passed out. Although I know couldn't physically do it, I'll always regret missing Mac Demarco.

Second Night: Saw Against Me!. Laura rocked my damn face off, didn't expect less. Moshed a bit. Then Alabama Shakes, that big ladies got some serious sass, and soul. Then, KENDRICK fucking LAMAR. The dude had us standing at attention, he hypnotized the whole fucking audience. I shushed this one chick for talking when he was and she did!From there, I ran from the main stage to This Tent and caught Run The Jewels, naturally. Glad I did. Then to cap the night off, caught Flying Lotus. He's doing this whole LED transparent screen thing in front of him that shows really trippy visuals, it blew my mind, and I wasn't on drugs, I promise.

Third Night: saw a lame band called Trampled By Turtles, then saw an even lamer band called Hozier, made my way to the front of the crowd at the main stage and witnessed My Morning Jacket do their mothafucking thang. Headed to Slayer after and destroyed my body in that pit. Nobodies been in a real mosh pit until you've been in a fucking Slayer pit. Blood, sweat, and anger was all I could smell afterwards. Stayed at that tent to see D'Angelo & the Vanguard. D'angelo was well over 30 minutes late after it should've started but I'm so glad I stayed 'cause he put on the funkiest, grooviest, most far out show I've ever been too. Not to mention I was front row.

Fourth Night: stayed at the main stage all day, caught Twenty One Pilots just so I could get a good spot for literally every band afterwards but actually was pleasantly surprised by the band, they put on a fantastic set. Then of course, Spoon. Very lo-key, but still amazed at how some of their songs sound much different live than recorded. They sounded great, also the guitarist seemed legitimately manic as well. Loved it. At this point I'm front row for Florence & the Machine and Billy Joel so I was very happy. Florence put on an energetic set, running through the crowd and hopping about on stage. Her ankles certainly healed up since Coachella. Dat voice too, hot damn. And last but nowhere near least, Billy Joel. Played the hits, revolving piano, brought out this dude named Chainsaw to sing Highway To Hell as Billy played guitar, so many goddamn glow sticks being flung around. Solid set that was. 358 days left till Bonnaroo 2016. Best 4 days of the year.
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