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You were at a music festival and you weren't on drugs? I just don't understand your approach, man. And Slayer moshpits, holy hell are those ****ing intense. When I saw them I took three percocet beforehand not to get high, but so that I could be a crazy mother****er in the pit and also to be able to drag myself out of it at the end without collapsing in pain. Though I didn't notice for obvious reasons, I put some permanent damage in my shoulder that I used as an excuse to get a medical marijuana card (thank you Slayer).

RTJ, Spoon, and Lamar sound like great shows. Saw The Growlers at a house party (they're local) and they put on a great show. They got really experimental at the end of the set that I saw, with the guitarist beating the **** out of his reverb box and the drummer throwing his sticks at his drums while the singer wailed. Reeeeeeaaaaalllllyy different from their studio albums.

Glad you had fun man.
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