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Originally Posted by half_baked87
classic rock is boring and repeatative too. sicne you know, its classic, there isn't going to be anything new. i hate hearing the same damn songs over and over. 80s rock is worse... i think i'd rather suffer through a few franz ferdninand songs and listen to an alternative station.
yes, and no. I don't listen to the radio much anymore anyways, but I do listen to alot of older music, and I find that I am always discovering songs that I haven't heard before, whether they are b-sides or just stuff that never quite made it to the radio, classic rock or older rock music is fresh and new to me becuase of that. What I hate is when they take one newer song that is decent, like be yourself by audioslave, and they play it every 30 minutes on 10 different station till it gets to the point where you hate it, even though it's not a bad song. And I agree on the 80's rock for the most part, it sucks. It all sounds so much the same to me, I think that is about the time when everyone started copying everyone instead of being creative and bands having distinct sounds, like back inthe 60s and 70s.
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