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This is straight from the Two-Spirit group board on

This group is for those that define themselves as Two-Spirit, and their allies. The question that immediately follows is “what is the definition of a Two-Spirit”.

For this group we will use definitions that come from the 1990 Native/First Nations Gay and Lesbian conference in Winnipeg as well as from the 1990 March on Washington with the group representing Gay American Indians (GAI). They are the ones that originated the term Two-Spirit to define themselves. It was to replace a pejorative term, berdache.
A Two-Spirit is:
1. a person of Native/First Nations/Aboriginal or Mixed blood from North America
2. that is also Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Intersexed, or Transgendered
3. as well as following a spiritual path.

The term Two Spirit refers to another gender role believed to be common among most, if not all, Native & First Nations of the western hemisphere. A role that had a proper and accepted place within indigenous societies. Here is an enlarged version of the term

For allies, your support and perspective is appreciated. Please remember though, the Native Community has suffered greatly from cultural appropriation. So please don't co-opt the term Two-Spirit for yourselves unless you meet all 3 of the above. We encourage you to create a term that applies to your situation and to help educate yourself and others about cultural appropriation.

We welcome the opportunity to have a place here on Fetlife where Two-Spirits, and our allies, can join together to discuss topics of mutual interest.
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