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Originally Posted by ZDG View Post
Hey everyone, I am new to the forum (I don't know if this is the right section to post this, sorry if it isn't) and I'm trying to write songs, but the problem here is I have no clue how to do it.

I have various topics I'd like to talk about and when I try to write them down I just don't make an order, I can make some sentences very long and then some very short, they don't really rhyme and when I try to come up with a beat for the song I just can't avoid singing my lyrics in the rhythm of other songs I like.

I'd like to have advice on how to actually write songs and come up with my own rhythm to sing them instead of just using rhythms of other songs. Thank you.
Well there are multiple factors that go into song writing. There are the actual rhymes, the rhythm, and then there is the subject matter.
A great starting point is to actually do what you've kinda been doing already. Take the melody of a song you like and try rewriting the song with your own lyrics. Although you can't really put this song out as your own it is a great starting point to get the juices flowing lyrically without thinking too much about the music. If you play an instrument you can always go back and tweak the music to make it your own. There is no shame in doing this. Everyone has to draw inspiration from something else.
As far as rhyming techniques, pull up a rhyming dictionary on your computer and try creating short phrases of rhymes and challenge yourself to make rhymes that make sense. If you can't at first it's okay. Just keep working and challenging yourself.
Also spend some time studying the songs you enjoy. What is it that makes them catchy and memorable?
And at the end of the day, just start writing. Your first few songs are going to suck. That's just a part of the process. The sooner you just dive in the sooner you will learn to swim.

Best of luck! You can do it!
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