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Originally Posted by Josef K View Post
Oh yeah, I mean I think we have to understand that open borders are something that have to come with comprehensive immigration reform, as nebulous a term as that is. Just saying "Open borders" isn't a policy and I don't think it should be the United States's. We absolutely need regulation in place to keep people from being paid such low wages (among other things), but in my mind the solution is to have that regulation, not to try to keep immigrants out altogether.

In general though, you're right that we do need to recognize the extent to which "free movement of labor" can become a capitalist tool. That said, I strongly believe that with more effective regulation we can keep that basic freedom from being exploited by the rich.

(Bernie Sanders and Paul Krugman don't speak for all of us left-of-center Jews though. )
Been away, so to wrap this up. That is quite the turnaround from your previous statement.

Originally Posted by Josef K View Post
Lots of things are illegal but that doesn't make them all wrong. If "Americans" deserve access to certain services, don't all people deserve access to those services?
If you continue to allow illegal immigrants into your country, and provide them with a pathway for citizenship, than your just creating a self perpetuating problem by inviting more to come, which will place a continued strain on the welfare state. BTW, No one is complaining about Canadians jumping the que.

Originally Posted by William_the_Bloody View Post
whenever I encounter someone on the net giving someone else lectures on immigration or diversity, its always some politically correct middle class twat who grew up in a comfortable home environment. I often find that they are people who never got over being bullied in high school, and therefore often bear grudge against their own culture by championing every socialist agenda on the planet no matter who it adversely impacts.
I suppose by quoting me out of context in your signature, your attempting to smear me into looking intolerant, but since i will most likely be popping out a milk chocolate baby down the road I could care less.

In fact, I think it's important to stand up to politically correct bullies, as you have shown yourself to be. People should be able to have dissenting views on mass immigration without the fear of being lectured, for not being seen to be open to diversity, or as bigoted or racist.

And the fact remains that in my life, the most politically correct militants I've come across are middle class white kids who were given a rough ride with bullying in high school. It's almost like their trying to supplant the culture that persecuted them during their youth, with something else through bullying of their own.

Anyhow as I've completely lost interest in music, and politics for that matter, consider that my swan song for now, bye bye.
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