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I respect their talent, speaking as someone who was a kid at the time when they were first around. I'll admit that I was not too much into their music, but looking back there was reason why the first two albums hold up. When it came to FM Rock in The US that seriously needed to live up to the growing demand for technically sharp sounding music, they fitted the bill very well. Hooks, songs, musicianship that did not extend itself to side long epics that would have turned off radio programmers, and very direct lyrics.

I'm not into their music, but for what it was and where it was aimed for, Boston and Don't Look Back were right for the time and the audience - and looking back on bands that never made it and getting why they did not when Boston were huge, it's a tough thing to achieve. In serious fairness, "More than a Feeling" is a song perfect for Super Vans!
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