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Originally Posted by The Batlord View Post
Never been to Boston, so I couldn't say. Hear it's pretty cold this time of year, though.
**** off.

Originally Posted by William_the_Bloody View Post
yes, 74 till 76 where a bit of a slog in terms of rock n roll.
Payola and cocaine.

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Radioplay shouldn't affect the quality of a song. The song can't help it if people decide to play it all the time.
*cough* Stairway to Heaven *cough*


The first album is a masterpiece. Ever listen to it with headphones?

To write a bizarro erotica book that had Kirk Cameron hooking up with a Crocoduck. I just loved the idea and I felt it was timely after the gay marriage ruling. It was definitely meant to be subversive. I knew that once Cheese Jesus had sex with Kirk I was being really naughty.

I cut her a deal, she keeps me in clean piss
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You crabby old classic rocker sucking Jimmy Page's dick, you!
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Upcoming mini-series: In Through the Out Door: the Rise and Fall of Chula Vista....
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