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I got to stay away from this economic $hit it hits to close to home.

It's funny, I was simply elaborating on what RoxyR had stated, and I mentioned had I had said it, I would have been branded a xenophobic racist, and within minutes I was. Maybe it's different in geography and demographics that shapes ones opinion, but outside of seeing skinheads at punk shows when I was teenager, I've had zero encounters with far right supporters (unless you count Alex Jones fans)

I however have had a tons of encounters with the far left over the years and they really freak me out, particularly the politically correct SJW's.
For all finger pointing of intolerance, and laughing at people on the right that goes on, I have never had a bad experience debating them, they were always polite and would simply outmaneuver me on the facts in a debate.

The authoritarian left is a completely different story, it's all about smearing your opponent by calling them racists, bigoted, or sexist and the facts be damned.

I wasn't arguing immigration on cultural grounds, I could care less if I woke up tomorrow, and soccer had surplanted the nfl as the countries number 1 sport. Drop me off to live in the middle of the Bronx for 20 years and I would be happy as punch.

I wasn't even saying seal off the borders, I was simply saying we need to look at the rate of immigration and slow it down a bit because it's adversely affecting the native born working class, but nope, nope, nope that doesn't jive with my Marxist view of a borderless world, shut up you Archie Bunker racist, zip your mouth and go watch NASCAR.

That's it, the final straw!!! I know longer want to be associated with the left!!!

My left was people like the late great Christopher Hitchens, and Sam Harris, who is currently being smeared by politically correct social justice warriors.

I currently think the new crop of lefties like Glenn Greenwald & Reza Aslan are slime.

So that's it goodbye to the left, I no longer want to associate myself as a liberal, I'm official in political limbo. If you see me on here again it means I've crossed the floor to the right.
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