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Originally Posted by Chula Vista View Post
My boss is rich and he votes Dem because of his values when voting GOP would probably make him more money.

Which is the party that votes against oil industry regulations? Automobile safety regulations? Gun safety regulations? Pollution regulations? Employer assisted birth control programs?

I'm reminded of the Papa Johns dude. He's worth $600 million yet stated he was going to cut back workers hours so he wouldn't fall under the Obamacare guideline for mandatory health for his employees. And ya, he held a huge fundraiser for Romney.

Papa John's CEO: 'In a Bunch of Trouble' for Obamacare Job Cuts | DiversityInc

There is nothing wrong with regulating things.If it's for the greater good, (really for the greater good.) However you are not really understanding what these particular regulations are doing. They seem like they should help the people right? One would think that but they don't and they are not there too. For example gun safety is great (safety means a class on how to use one properly.) but it can not infringe upon the right to own a gun and your right to own a gun is so that you are never ever more out gunned then your government. END OF STORY, so to try and implement a tax on something that is right in this country is ****ing bonkers and what the under lying subtext is saying is it's trying to get rid of guns by making them retardly expensive to own and buy legally. That will not stop criminals from getting them and NOT PAYING THE FRIGGING TAX. (Also if you look at that, really look at that they are trying tax our rights. WTF. WHAT IF THEY INTRODUCE A BREATHING TAX, YOU GONNA PAY IT?)

There is nothing wrong with loving the earth bro, but taxing people on such things like uhhh I dunno the strange tax in Denmark on meat or trying to put the coal industry outta of business is ludicrous.It's insanity. With the technology we have today coal can be very clean burning.

Carbon dioxide for exsample is the gas of life without it everything dies so why in places like Australia are we trying to have a CARBON TAX?

Employer assisted birth control?!!!! DO I NEED TO SPELL THAT ONE OUT FOR YOU? First off with Obama's scam care this is laughable because at my job the only people who get benies are the three of us managers. And 4 years ago in this country part time was 35 hours a week remember that. Now it's 16. So basically the only people that are eligible for this, (at my job anyway would be me and my boss). YOUR EMPLOYER would only have a vested interest in you not being pregnant because you gotta leave on maternity leave. That's it. WHY ON ****ING EARTH DO THEY CARE WHAT YOU DO? ASK YOURSELF THAT. In fact I care so little what my staff does outside of work because we neither pay them enough or work them enough to be allowed to ask questions like, "you smoke dope?, you drinking, you pregnant." Who the **** am I? And the idea that a company that drops hours to get around OBAMADEATHPANELCARE and cuts corners not to be taxed by the feds is going to magically come up with birth control is hilarious to begin with.


I shouldn't have to tell you the dangers of smart cars, and self driving cars. THAT ONE IS SO OBVIOUS IT HURTS.

Originally Posted by OccultHawk View Post

Why do the dems fight for common core?

Common Core is a joke. First off my dear friend and roommate is a ****ing teacher and every night I hear how ****ing dumb these kids are and every year they are getting dumber. You should hear the **** they say in the teachers lounge. They hate being there the kids hate being there and they have dropped SCIENCE in the curriculum in Fla. Anything that starts off with COMMON in education and government at the front comes straight outta the communist manifesto and if ya ain't read it you ought too.... Because that is the main goal to indoctrinate people into this type of thinking. And they do it with kids because they can't get to the adults with this ****e brainwashing so they teach it to young supple minds and let the kids teach it to their parents by rattling off what they did at school all day if they are able to formulate a sentence because they are sooo hopped up on whatever their dr. gave them.
These kids are sooo lost and being taught sooo poorly that they think the friggin moon is a planet....Yes tell me all about planet moon Mr. 6th grader.

Why did LBJ go bonkers in Vietnam?

Because he conspired to kill Kennedy and the goal was never to leave Vietnam in the first place.

Carter was a good dude.
Habitat for Humanities doesn't wash away a multitude of sins.

Why did Bill push for the most brutal welfare reform in modern history?
Bill Clinton? BECAUSE HE ****ING HATES BLACK PEOPLE and we like idiots loved him. HE And his wife are hardcore racists and dudes a flipping rapist. (Not talking about Monica I think she might actually have been into that) Ever wonder why planned parenthood and rehabs (save for the ultra posh rehabs) are almost always in the ghettos? The goal is to help exterminate the ****ing poor. Don't matter what color, race or creed. He's been know to say that the best government is the one with few in power at the top and very little people at the bottom. (Yeah said it just like that too.... Add ****ty SOUTHERN ACCENT.

Why has Obama bent over backwards to bail out the banks and auto industry?

BECAUSE HIS CHANGE WAS FOR BIG BUSINESS NOT THE FREAKING PEOPLE AND WE ALL BOUGHT IT HOOK LINE AND SINKER BECAUSE WE WANTED TO BE A COUNTRY THAT DIDN'T SEE SKIN COLOR. And they banked on that, they banked on the fact that most Americans aren't racist and bad people at heart and they preyed on our emotions and we fell into it by voting emotionally. Now look where we are headed straight for socialism or communism but they call it other things because history teaches us that all those things end up in the gulag or concentration camps ....excuse me "factories" and they know if they came outta the white house and said "right ok, you all now belong to the state, you work for the state we raise your kids we tell you who to marry we tell you what restroom to use we tell you what you can't eat, drink, etc, they know we'd never go for it.
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Roxy is unable to perpetrate violence. It always somehow turns into BDSM between two consenting adults.
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I just want to say your tits are lovely.
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Roxy is the William S. Burroughs of our time.
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I like Roxy, she's awesome and her taste in music far exceeds yours. Roxy is in the Major League bro, and you're like a sad clown in a two bit rodeo.
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