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What they are afraid of is the us becoming a like Mexico or the Sudan. Cos I wanna live where there are drug lords cutting peoples heads off in the desert. I wanna live where there are people stoned to death for being a Christian. Really? I have traveled more then alot of people I know, and I have seen the third world large and in my face. I have seen the desolation, despair and intolerance even in Islamic countries of everything we stand for here, or used too. I don't hate anyone one brother, I just want a secure border and people to come here legally. I want Americans to be AMERICA'S PRIORITY for once since WWII. I MEAN IF THAT'S RACIST AND WHATEVER THE **** ELSE YOU WANT TO CALL ME then label me that I DON'T GIVE A ****.

Try this on for size my sister is Arab (not Muslim) Arab and she gets all up in arms about Trump wanting to do this to her and that to her and I say lady, you live here. You are American, you don't even practice Christianity and you ain't never read a Koran in your frigging life. So what is wrong with someone putting you first....All I get is Im voting Bernie cause he's a good person. Bitch I am good person, don't mean I have the business acumen to run a country....Just sayin.
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Roxy is unable to perpetrate violence. It always somehow turns into BDSM between two consenting adults.
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I just want to say your tits are lovely.
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Roxy is the William S. Burroughs of our time.
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I like Roxy, she's awesome and her taste in music far exceeds yours. Roxy is in the Major League bro, and you're like a sad clown in a two bit rodeo.
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