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dcfc all over mtv?! that's surprising, but I certainly don't let it bother me or change my opinion of their music. I have to ask, why do you watch mtv at all? Even at that age (14) i'd realized it was horrible and stopped watching it (except for 120 minutes on Sundays ). And believe it or not - some kids at 14 have decent taste! I was listening to Jesus and Mary Chain back at that age and their song 'Head On' was on normal MTV then! (actually - i was 12-13 when that came out).

Also, checking some things you've said you like on the forums (Darkness and Babyshambles) doesn't give you much room to complain about dcfc being too 'intended for the TRL 14-year-old audience'.... (and what is TRL?). I'm not trying to be rude, just making a point. And yes, i've heard both their albums and even seen them both live... once! Not seen dcfc yet tho - but will do in March...

I've always been quite a fan of light guitar indie I must admit (other favorites are Wheat and Toad the Wet Sprocket)... Most get nowhere near commercial success though (but certainly deserved it!). It is ok for bands I like to do well and get popular! I wish more of them did in fact, then at least i could talk to more people 'on the street' about music I like and they would make more albums, rather than give up...

SO! back to subject - what are your top albums for 2005?!
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