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I didn't say I agree with his policies you aren't understanding me at all. Im sorry I don't speak Newleft. He is winning in popularity, because he is speaking to the people about their way of life being eroded. Hillary Clinton again her and Nosferatu Clinton have put more black people in jail in this country then any other administration. She will say and do anything to become president. Ok, she is a globalist, with plans on continuing this ****ty administration we have now. She doesn't give a **** about women. She doesn't support anything that I value as an AMERICAN, like my ****ing rights 1-10. Ok, for the last time, I don't vote because I know it's a scam. And Before I knew we had a two party politburo in this country I was on probation and couldn't vote, and before that I was too young to vote. So stop it with the yer just a republican nonsense I ****ing told you all 30 times I have recently become more libertarian then anything else. I am not a slave, I do not need nor want to be sucking off the teet of big government. I want government more localized. I want more freedom from this outta control beast that is called the federal government.
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Roxy is unable to perpetrate violence. It always somehow turns into BDSM between two consenting adults.
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I just want to say your tits are lovely.
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Roxy is the William S. Burroughs of our time.
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I like Roxy, she's awesome and her taste in music far exceeds yours. Roxy is in the Major League bro, and you're like a sad clown in a two bit rodeo.
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