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Originally Posted by Janszoon View Post
That sounds different from the daily reading thing that mordwyr though. I was curious about those.
OK I thought you talking about the Liturgy of the Hours. You mean during mass? They are Bible verses that are set for a particle day.The are picked to be relevant for the time in the liturgical year. Every church has the same reading all throughout the world. The mass are comprised of different things some things are fixed, others go through cycles, songs can be picked, and the homily can be prepared or ad lib. Basically are masses that are said on a particular day nearly identical to each other.

Bands have nearly the same set from town to town, with maybe a song or two different. It is not too different from that.
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Actually, I like you a lot, Nea. That's why I treat you like ****. It's the MB way.

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