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Originally Posted by Chula Vista View Post
*Damn proud to be on mordwyrs ignore list*

mordwyr likes playing soccer against opposing players, just as long as they don't kick the ball at him too hard - if that happens he takes the ball and runs home.

He loves spouting scripture but refuses to address the wicked aspects of his cult that I've been posting about.

Another holier than thou excuse from the Christian boy in regard to those who disagree with him. I'm gonna tell you about my cult. If you choose to disagree or not listen then you are swine, a dog, or simply dust beneath my feet.
Really you are exhibiting the signs of a cult.
  • Us versus them mentality
  • Hostile rhetoric
  • Isolation (didn't you tell mordwyr to leave this forum cause he don't belong here because Music Banter is exclusively atheistic or however you put it. )
  • Cognitive Dissonance (some of the things you say absolutely don't make sense)

Honestly you should cool it a little for your own happiness -- getting angry and bitter isn't gonna make you happy. I ask myself why does CV say those things. I wonder maybe there are other things in his life that are bothering him and he's e transferring his anger and frustration onto mordwyrs, from pass life experiences that mordwyrs is no way a part of. Kinda like sparring with your past.

Or cause Frownland dished out on you about Led Zeppelin, you want to dish it out on someone else to prove you can be just as tough and masculine as Frownland. I don't know, there are dozen possibilities.

Truly you are the only one that knows why. Maybe things wouldn't bother you so much, if you paused and think you are talking to a human being (mordwyr) and vice a versa.
Originally Posted by Zhanteimi View Post
Actually, I like you a lot, Nea. That's why I treat you like ****. It's the MB way.

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