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Originally Posted by The Batlord View Post
We invaded a country. That is done in war. We engaged enemy combatants. That is done in war. We captured cities. That is done in war.

The "insurgents" (or whatever you want to call them) engaged enemy combatants. That is done in war. They took cities. That is done in war. Whether they were terrorists in their "off days", they were soldiers when they were at war with us.

We both did some bad ****. That is done in war. That's not a good thing, but it's been a part of war for as long as war has been a thing.
Like I said, Al Queda declared war on the west and the US specifically since they repeatedly refused to remove military bases from Islamic Holy lands. They didn't have the financial means to mount a campaign like the US could, so they attacked in a way that would get the message across. And it sure did.

This country is still living in fear so I'd say that Al Queda was quite successful in their war efforts.

Originally Posted by 1blankmind View Post
But then your denying the fact that it was never purely designed to create terror. That was the side effect. Terrorism is be definition creating terror for the means.
The word terrorism was created as a defense mechanism by us. Al Queda's attack on 9/11 was their act of war on the US. And yes, it was designed to create confusion, fear, and doubt. That's all part of war.

Do you deny that the sneak attack that the US laid on Baghdad didn't instill terror on the innocent civilians?

Stop trying to split hairs here just because we have bigger guns and a much more organized military infrastructure. War is war. The byproduct of terror is the same whether it's thousands of troupes piloting billions of dollars of machinery against a city, or 19 devoted militants bringing down a couple of buildings and blasting a hole in our symbol of military might.

Stop the hypocrisy.
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