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End of The Road

Verse 1
Inappropriate ways of functioning
The one who should have nurtured failed miserably
She was a huge influence on the demise of your father
Even though you were never at fault
You were blamed for simply existing
Like a boat attempting to sail the fierce seas
You're constantly focused on not capsizing

Verse 2
One day ahead is the furthest you've been in your mind
As what is recalled slowly erodes your consciousness
No matter what's sold as something to abstain from
Your curiosity is not cautiously discriminating
Without much effort, you fall into obvious traps
The same ones others are able to see from miles away
You won't take advice as it's difficult to trust
Hollow unions take precedent over useful alliances
Lack of discernment and an eagerness to please
Renders you incapable of shedding a fool's skin

Verse 3
Issues and platforms are constructed or relegated to the sidelines
Some authors remain unknown
While others are elevated to a high status
Challenging their output is daunting and dangerous
Individual crimes are seen as being insignificant
But those are the ones that pose the greatest threat
The order of things is thrown off balance
And adjustments are made to usher in new normalities
Everything eventually falls into place
Those left behind are forgotten
Or serve as cautionary tales

You're a hundred times removed
From who you could have been
Hustling and bustling can only get you so far
The end of the road is closer than you realize

Written by B. (Thursday, February 18, 2016)
Copyright 2016
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