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We Are

Verse 1
Got no time to waste
This world we inhabit must be shaped into our image
The image of excellence and strength
Our purpose is to influence every creature and object
To ultimately rule over them
This is who we've been destined to become
Since the days of ice and fire

Verse 2
All forms of illusions and deception
Are at the core of who we are
The various masks which are worn
Distort our nature and intentions
If it weren't for secrets and lies
We would have been exposed a long time ago
Relating to our causes, to our ways of life
Is essential to our advancement

Verse 3
Without much sympathies in our dealings
What has been carved out was predetermined
You can't get more of what you want
Be grateful for all that has been given to you
Struggling to attain luxuries
While necessities are poorly managed
And are in minor supply
Reaching for the stars and skies
Is difficult when your hands are tied or cut off
It's an exquisite symphony when your prayers remain unanswered

Hearts and minds are what we've desired them to be
When things are up for grabs
We must be quick and territorial
Claiming what is found
Makes us the owners of treasures

Chorus 1
We are what you've been taught to fear
We're the space between the light and the darkness
We are the sights and sounds which captivate your senses
We're the holders of time and the hunters of gardens

Chorus 2
We are the central force you encounter
We're the shakers of lands and risers of the seas
We are the generators of trade and ideas
We're the chains to which you wish to break

Chorus 3
We are what you should cherish and adore
We're the visible part of confusion and clarity
We are the ones to instill and perpetuate greatness
We're imbued with unlimited and significant privileges

Chorus 4
We are you and you are us
We're not surrendering our possessions and doctrines
We are integral to your existences
Both real and imagined
We're the beginning of ages
And the proprietors of justice
We are the ways and means
To making the most of the here and now
We are consuming all types of skin and blood
We're mastering the art of behaviour and the possible
We are everything and everything is us

Written by B. (Tuesday, February 23, 2016)
Copyright 2016
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