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Originally Posted by RoxyRollah View Post
Wow Dre. Thats the most uneducated thing Ive ever heard anyone say so 51% of the UK is racist because they want their right to govern themselves....
Nope, not 51% of the UK is racist but I know for a fact that a certain percentage of 51% are heavily nationalistic and don't want Muslims around because of recent events and the fear mongering of media campaigns that are coming up with stats saying that Muslims are responsible for a high percentage of rape cases and other misinformation.

Originally Posted by Lisnaholic View Post

DJ, on the other hand seems to be blinded by a malice that he declared quite openly when he joined this thread, ("I want them to suffer.") What's worse is that his malice seems to be motivated by an ignorance about the British voter and the history of British multi-culturalism.
Did you not read the other posts after I posted that "I want them to suffer" thing? I know it was a bit heavy handed and mean but I didn't really mean it. I just want them to learn their lesson for making what I think is a bad decision.

Originally Posted by Lisnaholic View Post
London is rightly known as a cosmopolitan city, and has always been host to migrants from around the world. As DJ is obsessing about Muslims, I'd like to focus on mosques for a minute:-
I know the bolded part without even having to set foot in London. I don't have to set foot in every square inch of the world to know certain things about it. I'm not the one really obsessing about Muslims, British people are the ones doing that with their xenophobia. I know there are alot of Muslims in power that are part of the parliment. The reason I'm tossing around the word about them being racist is just to twist the knife a bit. I don't really think the large majority of British people are racist. It's a buzzword for entertainment. I'm learning too much from Trump.

Originally Posted by Lisnaholic View Post
Woking Mosque:

This charming building was built in 1889, "one of the first mosques in Western Europe." Please notice the absence of heavy security or graffiti. This is not some embattled enclave in a country of racists; it's a pleasant parkland in a tolerant country.

London Central Mosque:

So, an enormous tract of land in the very centre of London, worth millions of any currency you care to name, was donated to the Muslim community. Hardly the act of racists.
Yes yes yes I know, refer to points made above.

Originally Posted by Lisnaholic View Post
^ This is a very offensive post in which DJ restates his malice towards my homeland and continues to make unfounded allegations about British voters. He has no idea what is in the mind of the British voter, but without evidence, has decided that they guilty of racism or ignorance. In fact, a leave vote could be for various reasons which he isn't mentioning:-
(i) a desire to be free of standards and restrictions imposed by the EU
(ii) a desire to be free of the perceived cost of EU membership. (UK after all is one of the biggest cash contributing members)
(iii) a desire to decide for themselves how many people are allowed into their country- rather like they do in the USA, I believe. Is that racist too?
Those are all valid reasons for an educated voter to make but I'm still believe majority of the leave votes come from xenophobia. It makes perfect sense to believe that with the amount of tragedies that occur related to radical Muslims and people just being tired of Islam overall without learning a single thing about Islam.

Originally Posted by mordwyr View Post
DJ says people who want Muslims gone are racists. Okay. So, remind me what "race" Islam is, because I know Muslims from many different races.
Refer to the rest of my post about why I tossed out the word "racist". I also should have said it's more a prejudice issue but I don't even feel like going into that right now. I have to go ATVing my vacation is almost over.
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IMO I don't know jack-**** though so don't listen to me.
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The problem is that most police officers in America are psychopaths.
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You're a terrible dictionary.
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