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Thanks for your support, Roxy and good luck shopping for British products!

OK, dj, I know you apologised for your initial remark, so perhaps I shouldn't have brought it up.
I still feel that you've bought yourself a pot of paint with a specific colour and are determined to paint the British voter with it, evidence or no evidence, but I've always liked you as a poster and would prefer to move on too.
As mordwyr says, I also hope you enjoy ATVing - my disadvantage is that I have no idea what ATVing is. Do you need good weather -or police permission- to do it !?

A pedantic point about statistics:-
Perhaps because the referendum was a simple Yes/No question, everyone, from David Cameron to the media are talking about how "the British people have spoken". In fact, the margin in favor of Leave was pretty small. They had precisely 1,269,501 more votes. If half of that number had chosen to vote for Remain, then the result would've been an exact draw. If we think of it that way, it means that the fate of Britain has actually been decided by about 630 thousand people. That's about the size of a small town, and is a fraction of the electorate, so to everyone I would advise caution about blanket statements about "the Brits this and the Brits that..."

They had precisely 1,269,501 more votes.
^ BTW, that one on the end can only be Roxy's MB friend, so enjoy your moment of fame and glory!
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