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Originally Posted by Neapolitan View Post
If you don't see people as "men or women" how did you know they were a "pack of women" were coming after you?

(Forgive me.) I am curious about how why you phrased it that way. It seems calling them a "pack of women" is a bit of a Freudian slip. Shouldn't you described them as a "pack of people?" A bunch of people are generally describes as "group." "Pack" is an interesting choice, cause dogs travel in "packs" and a female dog is known as a "bitch." Is it your sub-conscience identifying them as "bitches." Maybe because the way they treated you? Conscientiously you might want to be "neutral" because you feel that is the acceptable way to be. However sub-conscientiously you are resentful that they are not playing by the same rules that you apply to yourself, or that you constrained yourself by.
Neapolitan strikes again with his rapier wit!

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Welcome to the new mb. A haven for straight white depressive snowflakes playacting as anarchists.

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