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I'm sorry you both had such negative experiences at your Dylan concerts; I guess the truth is that as a live artist, Dylan is way past his prime. He has been performing live for over fifty-five years, and since 1988 has maintained a gruelling pace of concerts with the so-called The Never Ending Tour, though he himself doesn't like the misuse of that term:-

"Don't be bewildered by the Never Ending Tour chatter. There was a Never Ending Tour but it ended in 1991...that one's long gone but there have been many others since then: "The Money Never Runs Out Tour", "Southern Sympathizer Tour", "Why Do You Look At Me So Strangely Tour", "The One Sad Cry Of Pity Tour", "Outburst Of Consciousness Tour", "Don't Let Your Deal Go Down Tour" and others, too many to mention each with their own character & design.

"Critics should know there is no such thing as forever. Does anybody call Henry Ford a Never Ending Car Builder? Anybody ever say that Duke Ellington was on a Never Ending Bandstand Tour? These days, people are lucky to have a job. Any job. So critics might be uncomfortable with my working so much. Anybody with a trade can work as long as they want. A carpenter, an electrician. They don't necessarily need to retire."
As Bob compares himself to a carpenter, perhaps we should take heed; if you hire a carpenter who's 75 years old, don't be surprised if your shelves are wobbly.
"Am I enjoying this moment? I know of it and perhaps that is enough." - Sybille Bedford, 1953
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