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Verse 1
Saint Cecilia rejected me
My heart was impure
I didn't display enough compassion for humanity
My behaviour was too careless
It was out of focus
I guess it's just another lesson to learn
I'll add it to the list of improvements

Verse 2
I'm full of demons and decisions
Concealing their influences is a struggle
I'm slowly becoming what it is I've been taught to fear
Excessive freedom and apathy is a virulent mix
My antagonistic ways have drawn concern
I'm unmotivated when it comes to eliminating my pernicious condition
I don't want you praying for me

Verse 3
If I listen intently, I may hear the echoes
Of what has been put into motion
I could remain heartless if it renders me unfazed
If I continue to go beyond limits
If lines of demarcation are erased and redrawn
If I ultimately break my own mind
I'll cease to exist in this current form
And that would be pleasing to many
Enough for them to celebrate my long-awaited demise
But I'm alive as the fires consume my heart

I'm further away from where people want me to be / Living to their expectations is limiting / I'm seen as being a lesser man in need of a new outlook / Someone who should change their improper ways / What's hard is constantly being judged / As a result, I'm drifting further away from goodness

Written by B. (Wednesday, February 24, 2016) Copyright 2016
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