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Hello Hum

Verse 1
Hello hum
Let the rain wash away the pain
You've been working all day
You've been sweating all night
And now you're tired
Every tree has been breathing for you
The ground has remained steady
Rocks haven't been thrown
And the doctor tells you
That you must drink clean water to be well-hydrated
You should listen to him
Even though he's paid to make people sick
He's created poison, he's interfered with wellness
But don't blindly reject everything prescribed by him

Verse 2
Hello hum
You don't have to discuss feminism
It's worked against you, it's battled with you
And now you're frail
You don't need to jump on wagons constructed by others
To follow plans by masterminds
To engage with criminal minds
Get off the roller coasters and open your eyes
You're the greatest prize
Who's been taught to despise all that you are

Verse 3
Hello hum
Sometimes you just need to hush
If your mouth is always open
You'll eventually catch flies
What you say will be plastered on the web
And the web will weave tales
That are against your creed
Every syllable will be de-constructed and repackaged for judgement
They'll cover you with labels and base everything on perception
What you put out won't be well-received
It won't be encouraged

You're a big dude / Stop behaving like a puppet / It's time to cut the white strings with big black scissors / Shed what's artificial and say hello to yourself / Be the unforgettable fire that could never be put out / Hello hum

Hello hum (8x; whisper)

Written by B. (Sunday, September 25, 2016) Copyright 2016
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