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Originally Posted by Ki View Post
Let's see:

Moon landing
Astronomy class
Common sense

Read a damn book. Again, this theory has been debunked so many times it's hard to count. You're continuous interest in this is mind boggling.

If you believe the earth is in fact flat, you really are as dense as Chula claims.
actually, i won't opt out of this because it's actually relevant. i just didn't see it at first.

astronots, on a flat earth, cannot exist as we believe them to. the entire space program exists to fake the globe earth, and funnel billions of tax dollars.

moon landing: see above.

astronomy class: if the earth is flat, it should be fairly evident what vast efforts would have to be put forth to get the whole world to believe it. the education system would logically have to be an essential part of that.

common sense: common sense can be created in at least two ways. one is trauma-based learning, wherein students are punished for failure to adapt to ideas that do not come naturally to them. the other is observation, wherein we see what we know with our eyes and other sense. in the second instance, theoretical physics does not exist, and the earth appears flat.
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