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Verse 1
C** dripping from p******
Fat men banging on the door
Money exchanging hands and itchy backs getting scratched
Dreams are coming true for the wild and brazen
Some only enjoy the multi-coloured view
By playing it hard and safe
There's a cost to everything
Nothing's free but some things are cheap
Pay for games and everything that falls in between
Inflation is a downer
Some have low spirits and can't get up
For those with deep white pockets
The sky is the limit

Verse 2
Grab them by the bal-ls and shake them like stuffed animals
When you're bigger and badder
You navigate them through your fields
With a whip and a code word
Fantasies become reality
The appetizer should never taste better than the main course
Take a closer look if seeing is believing
Savour every touch if many things are fleeting
You're a star for a short while
Even if you shine through the night
The light will fade from bright white eyes
And re-emerge in another's face

Verse 3
If the walls and floors are decorated with brown or red
Leave immediately and hurry back to where you reside
Cleanse yourself from top to bottom
And change your clothing
A fresh appearance will erase any foul scene
Scrolling down quickly and swiping from left to right
On the hunt for anything new and exotic
If natural experiences and pill-popping are in the increase
Then embrace what surrounds you
To be accepted into the white fold

Bridge 1
You're wet and warm
And all alone with clean hard white hands
And a steady heartbeat
You're ageing gently and impatient

Bridge 2
If fingers are wagged
They'll be chopped off or sucked on like white candy
Whispers of shame will increase in volume and size

If it's beautiful, then it will become trashy / Thieves and liars will form a coalition to pathologize instincts / Heads of households will collect dues / Owed to them and their tribes / Releasing voracious passions is part of the unspoken agreement

Written by B. (Sunday, October 16, 2016) Copyright 2016
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