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I don't think I've watched Gremlins since sometime in the 80s or very early 90s. I do like it though. I remember kind of liking the sequel as well.
I loved the sequel so much more. You got such a great variety of different personalities of Gremlins.

The first one scared me so much as a little kid when I first watched it. I now know why it's because of the announcer at the end saying check your cabinets. I literally went and did that but I was petrified the entire time while slowly opening them hoping that a Gremlin wouldn't pop out. I'm pretty sure I was too young to be watching that movie when I first saw it.
Fame, fortune, power, titties. People say these are the most crucial things in life, but you can have a pocket full o' gold and it doesn't mean sh*t if you don't have someone to share that gold with. Seems simple. Yet it's an important lesson to learn. Even lone wolves run in packs sometimes.

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IMO I don't know jack-**** though so don't listen to me.
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The problem is that most police officers in America are psychopaths.
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You're a terrible dictionary.
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