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Originally Posted by Chula Vista View Post
Dude.... If Trump strikes down Obama's rules stating that retirement advisers have you work in the best interests of their clients, and not the banks, that could potentially **** over tens of millions of people who have busted their asses and paid into the system for decades.

What part of that do you not get? Again, step off of your high horse and stop talking down to those who don't jump on your individual train.
I get it, but you also completely ignored the previous point I made in order to be a patronizing asshat when you know absolutely nothing about me. I talked about a potential upside in regards to where Dodd-Frank was weak (and where modifications might make sense) and you resort to backhanded personal insults.

Let's just wait and see what happens. If he does what you think he's going to do, then I'll apologize to you. Capiche?
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You can't blame the Jews for everything...just most things.
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Trump might be the best thing since free jazz.
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