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Originally Posted by Neapolitan View Post
Jftr I didn't say I was the only theist on MB. I said 'non anti-theist,' that still leaves the door open to being a agnostic and a soft atheist. You can split hairs with every category. Technically by some definitions theist do not believe in or have to believe in the Trinity. But for particle purposes lets acknowledge that most people consider Unitarians and Trinitarian as theist. I really don't know who on MB are religious, a soft atheist etc. the poll has votes by members who are long gone by now. The reason I said it because I feel like I am the only non anti-theist here, I understand that might not be so.
I'm not an anti-theist. An anti-theist claims there is no god, I claim there is no reason to accept theistic claims of god as true aka an atheist (also a non anti-theist). I assume this is what you're referring to as a soft atheist.

Here is a good explanation if you want to better understand my position. If you're not as dense as the caller the first 6 or so minutes is all you really need to watch:

I don't got a god complex, you got a simple god...

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