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Its just how logic works. Religion aside, did you understand the courtroom analogy or are you saying its wrong? I called Hamid dense because he understands the counter argument but purposefully denies it when he has no way to fit his religious assertion into the same logical process he would use else where.

As for your comments about believing other things without proof such as the safety of take out. There is a ton of evidence to suggest it is safe and eating something is not the same as asserting something. I can post another video that further addresses this with a theist caller I don't consider dense, no amen choir, and less verbal aggression if you think it will help.

Originally Posted by elphenor View Post
I thought antitheism means a position of being opposed to belief in a God (this is the definition the Oxford dictionary gives for example)

not necessarily a position of believing there isn't a God

I actually do personally believe there is no God whatsoever
I could be wrong. That was always my understanding of the difference between anti theist and atheist. Never looked up the definition, just relied on its vernacular usage in the atheist discussions ive heard.
I don't got a god complex, you got a simple god...

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