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Originally Posted by The Batlord View Post
Actually, knowing you, you might be totally into a deconstructionist magical girl anime with tripped out visuals. It's pretty much unlike any magical girl anime I've ever seen and would probably be ace on some good drugs.

I likely would! That one looks pretty neat. I definitely have not been super impressed with any of the modern formulaic magical girl animes I've gotten glimpses of. (and, really, the one I was thinking of was focused on just a single vaguely-magical-girl-- the other characters were forest folk or something..? And there was a scientist? I don't remember. It seemed more family-oriented too. And no it's not Princess Mononoke-- that's a movie, obviously, which everyone already loves and knows about) I vastly prefer the animation style of older series. It also helps if the female protagonists are not unbelievably stupid and don't speak in a creepy baby voice.
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