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Originally Posted by Chiomara View Post
Oh, no I was more referring to the ones (non-dubbed ones too) where the female characters are constantly falling and going "EEUUWAAHHH!!!" and rarely speaking in full coherent sentences, is all. (Though I realize that those aren't necessarily the majority. But I like any of the odd & whimsical/cerebral 80s, 90s and very early 2000s anime series overall based on what I've seen)
Yeah there's none of that in Madoka Magica. It's not a show for tween girls to project themselves onto a protagonist, but very much a cerebral show with the trappings of a magical girl anime. I'm honestly not sure what it succeeds at being, cause it's not a show I would ever recommend to a girl looking for another show like Sailor Moon, since it might not be appropriate for a girl under a certain age and wouldn't give them what they were looking for anyway, but I guess it just succeeds at being itself. It's definitely a unique show.

edit: thanks, djchameleon; I'll have a look at the list.
And notice that Madoka Magica is second on that list, only losing out to a Hayao Miyazaki film, and who doesn't come in second to Hayao Miyazaki?
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