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Might turn out I'm full of ****, as I have little prior experience with hip-hop. But I've listened to both RTJ2 and RTJ3, and while RTJ2 is the more brutal album, RTJ3 isn't in any way a weaker release. In fact, artistically, it represents a great leap forward for Run the Jewels. While RTJ2 was just an unadulterated assault on practically every hypocrite ever, RTJ3 seemed more like a clear rallying cry against specific ills. An example: in RTJ2, "****boys" fell under fire. Who is a ****boy? Anyone full of ****, really. But in RTJ3, it's pretty clear who's being attacked: oppressors.

Now, can I say which album has the strongest tracks? Not really, as I'd need to give the two albums a couple more listens. But no matter which one is more enjoyable, it's difficult to deny that Run the Jewels are progressing.
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