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Originally Posted by Lucem Ferre View Post
When it comes to global warming I trust the cosmologists and meteorologists that spend their whole lives studying this and have absolutely nothing to gain from lying. Yeah, I've heard the bull**** about them lying to keep a job or what ever like we will one day decide that we don't give a **** about predicting weather or hurricanes any more.

They all say that the globe is warming and it is linked to the amount of C02 in our atmosphere which is directly linked to the C02 we emit mostly from huge factories and power plants and **** like that. I have searched and I cannot find one person who's occupancy specializes in the study of weather or atmospheres or anything like that that denies that global warming is real and a man made threat. Of all of them that say it's real, I've found one that says that even though it is a man made threat, it is no where near as imminent of a threat as media portrays and that we have plenty of time to fix it before irreversible damage happens. But yeah, none that out right deny global warming being a man made threat.

I challenge anybody to find a climate scientist, a cosmologist, a meteorologist or anybody that has anything to do with studying the specific fields of atmospheres or weather patterns that denies global warming. I put my faith in those dudes more than I do with your ****ing oil industries and politicians that still think talking snakes existed.
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