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Originally Posted by Frownland View Post
Gotta love this climate change skeptic (easy there, actual skeptics, not denialists) resource
Global Warming and Climate Change Myths
^ Yes, this site has an impressive quantity of facts and figures, and from what I saw does a good job of debunking the arguments raised by denialists. It does too good a job, really - I came away depressed after 10 mins.

Originally Posted by rostasi View Post
I live in the 9th largest city in the US. We had a system implemented that encouraged you to bring your own shopping bag along when you bought groceries. You could get a plastic bag if you needed one, but it cost you 5 cents. It didn't last long because all it took was some raging right-wing asshole who thought that the "gubment just has to get into everythang..." along with a bag manufacturer to sue the city. We also had our not just physically crippled governor cry that it was the end of "our free-market model" and that we were being "California-ized" (as if that were a bad thing). During that short five months, we raised a half-million dollars for environmental groups. Not anymore. Cocksuckers.
^ That's a shame. One step forward, then immediately back again! In the UK I think that the money collected in bag charges also goes to environmental causes, precisely to difuse allegations that it's all a government scam. How frustrating that the logic of that detail didn't win over your fellow citizens - plus of course the common sense of having a cleaner city.

Originally Posted by Stephen View Post
A few technical concerns that bother me about a wider rollout of green technology. Battery storage for rooftop solar would be a problem at end of life disposal. Not sure where they're at as far as recyclability but it's something that needs addressing before we wind up with toxic stockpiles.
^ Good point. Never thought of that, so I don't have an answer to hand I'm afraid.
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