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Originally Posted by Lisnaholic View Post
..........................Arguably the single most important issue facing this generation is how we respond to and treat our environment.


It's obviously a huge topic which MB members have discussed on many occasions, and there are plenty of threads examining specific aspects and questions. Several of the threads were started more than five years ago, though, and haven't been updated much since.

But climate change is by definition a dynamic process, so periodic updates are fundamental to informed discussion. Statistics, circumstances and government policies are changing all the time and rather than have these changes mentioned and then lost in the "today's news" thread, I thought there should be an umbrella Environment thread to record various developments and opinions as they arise. Doesn't seem to be such a thing so far on MB, so here it is now - a dedicated holdall where we can mention any fresh news item or opinion about the environment - a bit like one of those tv programs that tell you about a farmer using solar panels in India or the declining air quality in Shanghai.

To show that I did my homework (on MB at least) here are the best threads I found about the environment/climate change etc. Feel free to explore or bump these if you'd like to re-visit old arguments:-
Lord Christopher Monckton - Global Warming is a Hoax
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