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Oh - and just wait until I start posting excerpts from my treatise "101 Reasons Why Rock Stinks".

That's not a tasteless, perverted jibe [as seems to be the rule around here]. That's actually a serious piece on which I've worked and it contains actual clear, irrefutable, solid technical and practical reasons why rock and roll is garbage [to repeat once again - that's an umbrella term including all forms of pop/rock - from cowntry to cRap to metal, mental, etc. etc. etc.].

I've already posted one or two items on, where they seem to welcome and entertain more rockers than classical listeners.

It seems to have had 2 effects:

1. It enraged a bunch of folks - who - apparently - have continued their existence in life so far laboring under the misapprehension that pop/rock was a valid form of music

2. Even tho I presented very simple music theory concepts in very, very simple ways. it flew over the collective head of the participating rockers over there with such velocity that they were almost scalped. The result was that most of the rockers did what rockers do - they started blabbering and blathering about their favorite - greatertestest mostest awesomenestest - rock bands, and even posting full-sized links to their greatestest rock on youtube.

I just couldn't convey to those geniuses that their earnest rock discussions [on a CLASSICAL MUSIC SITE!!!] struck me as cockroaches discussing which kind of excrement was best. Was it dog droppings? Was it monkey droppings? Doooood!

The bottom line that I derived from all of that was that people today have nearly zero IQ when it comes to music. These guys couldn't grasp any of the simple concepts that I presented.

So - posting the same stuff here - and even more [again - excerpts from my work] is likely to provoke nothing but violent incomprehension.
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