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Originally Posted by Lucem Ferre View Post
See, this is where I disagree. Of course how accessible healthcare is would be tied to the health of our nation. I just don't think a lack of accessibility to healthcare is anywhere close to being the reason why American's are so unhealthy. It's unhealthy eating, no exorcise, drug addiction and suicide that seems to be all tied to our mortality rate. None of this is a result of healthcare. Except for maybe drug addiction because they do give people in a lot of pain opium and ****. Even then, at what point are people taking responsibility for taking more than what's prescribed? A lot of these issues are more heavily social, economic and education issues than healthcare issues.

A mental check up at the right time can save a life

Being able to afford regulated pain killers can stop the transition to the cheaper street opium

A dietary plan or supplements can help with deficiencies etc.

Screenings can catch oncoming problems before they get serious

Healthcare makes people healthier that's its role in other countries

Here we seem to think it's for when you're already about to die in the emergency room and that's my whole point
Just another marketing ploy

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