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Politics are a fluid thing, not a static thing. Comey seriously ****ed up toward the end of the 2016 campaign. Did it affect the outcome? We'll never really know. Trump won. Let's move on.

Trump praised Comey repeatedly for hammering Hillary during the election. Then he fires him and uses his handling of Hillary as his main reasoning - all while Comey is heading up a very serious investigation into how a hostile adversary might have affected our election.

Not to mention Michael Flynn (talk about a cluster ****)

Ant comes out and tries to deflect away from Trump, and instead turn blame towards Comey.

Fluid. Not static.

Ant, you wear your colors very well, no matter how many words you type to try and deny it.
Flame bait is a message posted to a public Internet discussion group with the intent of provoking an angry response or argument over a topic the "troll" often has no real interest in, and finds humor, or entertainment in reactions.
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