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Originally Posted by Chula Vista View Post
Ya, it would be waiting until dark with a baseball bat. Arthristis hinders my hands these days.

Frown reached out with a leaf and I'm actually very grateful.

This internet back and forth crap can easily get flippant without proper sensitive regard.

Me and Frowny be good. I put my bat back in the closet.

Just don't forget, I'm from Bawston peeps. My kind do not take personal family attacks lightly. I could call 3 dudes right now (who couldn't help me pay my mortgage) but if I bought them a plane ticket, would **** someone up pretty badly on my behalf.

Only joking.

Actually, not.

Um, why is The Batlord in your closet? Enquiring minds want to know...
Originally Posted by Exo View Post
You said it yourself that you two are good but I meant it when I said that EVERYBODY will be disciplined if these thing start becoming norm. I've addressed it with the team Chula. Have some faith in your ol' pal Exo here.

To be fair to Frownland. I was a big supporter of him being asked to become a mod. Your name in blue doesn't put you above people. We aren't your overlords. We volunteer to keep the peace, ban the spammers, clean up the boards so they look nice, and occasionally have to make a decision to ban a person of considerable status. We don't like it. I don't anyway. You and Frown have serious beef. I'm not going to de-mod somebody, even if I had that power, because he and another member don't get along.

You were both out of line. Him with his comment about Mike and you with your response to it. Remember that this is still simply a public forum on the internet. You can choose not to respond. You can choose to ignore people. You chose to respond and you responded poorly, even if Frown hit below the belt, which I have already addressed behind the scenes.

We're not making a mountain out of a Frown/Chula mole hill. If the sh*t continues, I'll take action, but act like mature adults and chill the f*ck out so I don't have to do that.
An excellent response, Exo, and well overdue. Sometimes people step over the line, and that line needs to be pointed out to them.
Originally Posted by Chula Vista View Post
Exo, you have kids? Adult kids? Adult kids with a crippling mental illness?

Address Frownland publically and scold him publically too for being an ass. **** this behind the scenes mod bull****.

How does a punch from Frown. And then a counterpunch to that punch become equal? A MUSIC BANTER mod was a complete an utter assh0le to a member
with a seriously sad medical situation.

He was a dick. Call him out publically, and a little more seriously instead of trying to make me his equal in the discourse. Disappointed with you.
I guess you've calmed down now Chula, but ftr I wouldn't have been a supporter of this. Naming and shaming? Sounds pretty douchey to be honest. Exo said he had it, and I think it's fair to leave it with him. He's a good guy.
Originally Posted by Man like Monkey View Post

You're not alone.

Here's a video of an Oirishman falling over un de oyce.
There were rumours the ice was specially polished to make sure someone fell...

On another note, my best wishes to you as well Chula. Hope things turn around for you, but try not to make such a target of yourself with Frown. Whatever else he may be (and he is many things) he ain't a poor shot, or someone who won't take the shot when it's there. I think once you understand that about him, he's a little easier to get on with. Maybe.
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