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Alright, so I think Piers is kind of an ******* and really missing the point. If people don't want to follow gender norms, so be it. It's not his issue, and he shouldn't get so uptight about it because he understands.

With that said, I can't help but feel sorry for anyone trying to go on the news and public media to talk about these things. Do the issues need to be brought up? Eventually, yes. But full on immersion, especially in the current political climate, is near impossible. It's just going to lead to more heartbreak like this. The real way to make these issues known and accepted is like every other piece of LGBT agenda, by slowly easing the public into it. Our generation (some of us, more or less) understands that gender norms are really something that should be disregarded, and people let to choose how they want to express themselves, and with each generation we'll get closer to being in a world in which these things are more socially acceptable.

I guess what I'm trying to say is I don't really blame Piers for not understanding, but I still think he's an ******* for reacting like he did.

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I'll check that dictionary, but in the meantime I'm impressed - as is everyone else in the world - by your eloquence, obvious accomplishments and success, and the evidence of your blazingly high intelligence.
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He just doesn't have a mind so closed that it rivals Blockbuster.
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