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I see what you're saying--concert attendance is only a reliable metric of relevancy insofar as the music is relevant to the people in attendance. That's an important point, and one that I'd agree with. Apologies if it was lost on me.

This doesn't really reflect what I described though, it's more that their lack of knowledge reflects how they view the genre.
I generally agree with you here, especially since the people who know the least about classical music are the most likely to dismiss it as an archaic, aristocratic, or irrelevant genre of music. Those kinds of people annoy me too. But, we should be more forgiving of people who are at least willing to give it a try, even if their intentions aren't totally pure. What better way to begin an education in classical music than at the concert hall?

Also very happy to see a new member so willing to get into a deep discussion. Hope you stick around mate.
It's easy when it's folks who are as thoughtful and intelligent as you! Thanks for the warm welcome
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